Sunday, May 3, 2020

Jr Gardening Event to be rescheduled

Several Garden Members sat outside our community center with plants to give away.  These plants were rooted and potted by members with too much excess to use. 

The give away plants came from our homes.  Turns out, the stay at home orders were healthy for our plants.  We announced the give away via Next Door.

The remaining plants were placed on tables by the Butterfly Gardens on Cypress Creek Lakes Drive and Brazos Sage Drive.  Within the day just a few Aloe Vera Plants remained.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Replanting Butterfly Garden #1

Garden located at 11810 Cypress Creek Lakes Drive was replanted by garden club members.

Thank you to Kyle Franklin and IMS Landscaping for supplying our plants.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Replanting Butterfly Garden #2

Ann spent days removing Gregg's Mist flower plant which had invaded this garden.

Garden Planting was done with social distancing for the two planters.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Everyone's Gardens and Such

Mike and Kara's caterpillars and chrysalis

If you are concerned about visiting a garden nursery, Ellen placed her order via phone for curbside pick up at Plant for All Seasons. She was delighted with top soil, compost, Microlife and flat of sun loving mixed plants. The plants were a great variety mix with most attracting butterflies. 

Debbie's pepper plants were purchased from A Plant for All Seasons too.

Louise has been busy trimming up her beautiful backyard.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trimming up Butterfly Gardens

Our butterfly gardens enjoyed the rain and are now starting to sprout.

 Ann planting purple coneflowers grown from the seeds Katy Prairie Conservancy gave us last September

 Ann relocating purple coneflowers sprouts from one side to the other
 One part ready to grow
 Fire cracker bush in full bloom.  Small yellow butterfly flew around the plants
 Looking better and hopefully we will be able to do the April 18th planting

 Ann trimmed the Brazos Sage Butterfly Garden #2

Monday, March 9, 2020

March General Meeting

Attendees: Debbie Haluch, Liz Hearn, Bea Huriega, Norma Islam, Ellen and Mark Jones, Rafo Markovic (visitor), Marsha and Dave Mausolf, Ian and Nicole McWilliam, Cathy Oland, Mike Owens, Alma Rielly, Louise Rugaard, Ann Sansbury, Dale Smothers, Sheila Thayer (visitor), Ruth Westra

Speaker: Tricia Bradbury spoke on Growing and Using Herbs.

Refreshments: Refreshments and door prize were provided by Cathy Oland.

Minutes –  February 10 Meeting Minutes –we dispensed with reading of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report - Treasurer Report was given by Secretary/Treasurer, Ann Sansbury and approved by all.

Birthdays – We celebrated birthdays for Liz Hearn, Cathy Oland, Joe D’Virgilio and Debbie Haluch.

Old Business:
      The District IV Spring Conference will be featuring Orchids and Bouquet Arrangements.
Mike Owens spoke on the progress of the brick pathway in the first butterfly garden. IMS is providing the 120’ of metal edging and Mike asked for $300 for supplies to realign and add the additional bricks that have been sold. Ellen made the motion to approve the funds and Marcia seconded it. It was unanimously approved.
      Anyone interested in the Bluebonnet Tour luncheon and flower show on March 26 needs to pay Marcia this evening.

New Business:
      Cathy Oland spoke on the contest to name the Butterfly Gardens which will start on May 2. Committee members include Chairman Ellie O’Connor, Cathy, Norma Chiaramonte, Alma and Bea.
      The Houston Orchid Society Annual Show and Sale will be April 4-5 at Memorial Mall.
Debbie met with Bridgeland Garden Club President and learned that garden club members get a 10% discount at local independent nurseries. She gave out membership cards to all.
·     ·      
      Liz spoke on the Junior Gardener Even. The committee meeting will be Tuesday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m. at 26818 Rockwood Park Lane.
     There will be a tour in Antigua, Guatemala this fall. Activities include visits to different sites, nurseries and plantations; gardening with kids and festivities in the city.

       Nicole McWilliam and members of her Girl Scout troop will be presenting pot stickers and fun facts about butterflies.
      Round Top Collections will be providing metal butterflies for the garden.
      We will be sending and invitation to Bridgeland Garden Club members to attend the Junior Gardener Event.

Share Table:
·       Items: Airplane Plants and Louisiana Iris

Gardening Tips of the Month:
      Prune back your established perennials when you see the first sign of new growth. Add the clippings to your compost pile.
      This is a great time to replenish or introduce mulch. Be sure to use environmentally friendly mulch such as organic compost, hardwood mulch, pine bark, pine straw or even shredded leaves and grass. 

      Try to stay away from dyed mulches and mulch volcanoes.

Our next meeting  will be Monday, April 13, 2020. The speakers will be Marti and Greg Graves with Lone Star Hibiscus Society.

Monday, February 10, 2020

February General Meeting

Attendees: Larry and Beverly Allen, Norma Chiaramonte, Joe and Wendy D’Virgilio, Tessa Ellis (visitor),Debbie Haluch, Liz Hearn, Bea Huriega, Marsha and Dave Mausolf, Ian and Nicole McWilliam, Ellie O’Connor, Cathy Oland, Mike Owens, Alma Rielly, Ann Sansbury, Dale Smothers, Ruth Westra (visitor)

Speaker: Mike Shoup, owner of Antique Rose Emporium, spoke on  “How and old rose schooled me”. Mike talked about his journey to discovering antique roses.  Easy care and gratification of roses that have roots over 100 years old.

Refreshments: Refreshments and door prize were provided by Mike Owen

Minutes –  January 13 Meeting Minutes – a motion was made by Norma and seconded by Liz to dispense with reading of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report - Treasurer Report was given by Secretary/Treasurer, Ann Sansbury and approved by all.

Birthdays – We celebrated birthdays for Lindey Bortz and Cathy Bortz.

Old Business:
·       IMS has won the bid for the landscaping contract in Phases 1 and 2.
      Ann Sansbury and Debbie Haluch gave an overview of organic fertilizers and native plants, specifically native milkweed. Arbor Gate will be carrying organic plants beginning in April. Plants for All Seasons carries a huge selection of organic soils and fertilizers.

New Business:
Joe Sykes from the MUD District reported on the water mitigation required by Towne Lake to prevent flooding in Cypress Creek Lakes. Towne Lake will be building two retention ponds, one on the north side and one on the south side of Cypress Creek.

      Mike Owens received a magnolia tree in honor of Peggy Sue. IMS has cleared the area near the splash pad and planted the tree.

Mike Owens reported on a new plan to fix the brick pathway at Butterfly Garden 1. Total cost will be $300.

Marsha Mausolf  is planning a trip to the Bluebonnet Tour. It will be March 26 in Brenham and the cost is $25. Last date to register is March 8.

      All members should consider getting their yards certified as butterfly gardens. For NABA certification, you need 3 nectar and 3 host plants. The application is $15 and the sign is $15.
      Ellie O’Connor will be heading up the contest to name the two butterfly gardens. She will present more information at the March meeting.

Gardening Tips of the Month:
·       From Buchanan Native Plants blog:  Apply pre-emergent to stop spring weeds such as crabgrass, good grass and dallis grass before they start. Corn gluten meal is an organic approach.
      Consider applying Azomite to your yard and beds to add minerals for soil health.

Our next meeting  will be Monday, March 9, 2020. The speaker will be Tricia Bradbury. She will be speaking on growing and using fresh herbs.