Saturday, May 20, 2023

Native Plants and QR Codes


Butterflies on Brazos
Our Butterfly Haven and Butterflies on Brazos gardens are looking fantastic.  

Ann has found and planted over twenty (20) varieties of native plants in the gardens.

Debbie has created QR codes that will show how to care for each native.  

Butterfly Haven

Take your kids, grandkids, neighbors, and your phone to the gardens soon and explore.


Monday, May 8, 2023

May General Meeting

 Attendees: Debbie Haluch, Liz Hearn, Mike Owens, Alma Rielly, Louise Rugaard, Karl Rugaard, Ann Sansbury, Dale Smothers, Tracy Walker, Dennis and Ellie O’Connor, Stevee Steely.

Speaker: Members Present- Ann, Louise, Debbie and Dale. Karl presented pictures from the Jr Gardening Event

March Minutes –We dispensed with reading of the minutes. Motion was made by All.

Treasurer’s Report - Treasurers Report was given by Karl Rugaard.

Birthdays – Stevee Steely

Old Business:

● Garden Replant

New Business:

● Karl showed a power point of the Junior Garden Event. It Looked like a good time had by all. Also shared that we had 44 pots made on the day. A good turn out.

● Louise updated us on the success of the Junior Garden Event held on May 6.

● Stevee shared that the bird tour had been postponed to May 25th. Please contact Stevee or Liz for further details.

● Ann gave a run down of the butterfly garden replanting and the cost involved of using the native plants and future savings by using native plants.

● It was voted by all that $125 each will be given as a donation to both the Fire and Police Department who helped make the Junior Garden Event a fun place for the children.

Next meeting Sept 11th 2023.

Tip of the Month: Bird migration is in full swing. Now is the time to provide clean water in bird baths and fresh food in feeders. Even if you don't do it year round, now is the time to provide our winged friends with a little extra nutrition.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Jr Gardening- Mother's Day Pots

 Celebrating 10+ years of welcoming the community to create painted pots for Mother's Day!

Karl welcomed participants and provided instructions

There was plenty of painting creativity from all ages

Pots were dried before planting
While waiting for pots to dry, everyone was treated to a tour of the fire engine

or blowing the siren of the Constable's car.

Plants, pot stickers and cards for Mom

Creating a card that Mom will treasure forever!

Enjoying popcorn!

Mom will be super surprised

Louise was the master of keeping the event flowing!

Monday, April 10, 2023

April General Meeting

 Attendees: Norma Chiaramonte, Debbie Haluch, Liz Hearn, Marcia Mausolf, Mike Owens, Alma Rielly, Karl Rugaard, Louise Rugaard, Karl Rugaard, Ann Sansbury, Dale Smothers, Tracy Walker, Vickie Kreeger.

Speaker: John Ferguson - Topic: Compost.

March Minutes –we dispensed with reading of the minutes. Motion was made by Ann Sansbury and seconded by Norma Chiaramonte.

Treasurer’s Report - Treasurers Report was given by Tracy Walker.

Birthdays – Alma Rielly

Old Business:

● Garden Cleaned up.

New Business:

● Ann announced that butterfly garden new planting will be April 15, at 9:00. Spoke of using Native plants as they come back every year and survive the Texas weather. Also suggested planting seeds for cost effectiveness.

● Louise spoke on the Junior Garden Event which will be held on May 6 from 10-2. She gave updated on marketing and list of items needed.

● New Signs have been made for the Junior Garden Event.

● Stevee shared trip event for Thursday April 27th. Further details were made around and emailed to all.

● Liz asked for speaker ideas for the following term.

● Karl Rugaard volunteered at last meeting to be the new Secretary/Treasurer for 2023/2024. And all agree with transition.

Next meeting May 8th - Members present plant details.

Please bring plants to share and talk about.

Tip of the Month: Use diatomaceous earth around the base of new plants to keep cut worms from wreaking havoc. You can also use it on squash plants to help protect from squash vine borers. You can also mulch squash stems to protect from the borers. This will also encourage the plant to root along the stems to minimize how much of the

plant borers can hurt at a go.

Monday, March 13, 2023

March General Meeting


Attendees: Norma Chiaramonte, Liz Hearn, Ellie O’Connor, Cathy Oland, Mike Owens, Alma Rielly, Karl Rugaard, Louise Rugaard, Ann Sansbury, Vickie Kreeger

Speaker: James Holmes with Houston Master Gardeners spoke on Native Plants.

February Minutes –we dispensed with reading of the minutes. Motion was made by Mike Owens and seconded by Louise Rugaard.

Treasurer’s Report - Treasurers Report was given by Ann Sansbury

Birthdays – Cathy Oland (3rd), Debbie Haluch (21st) and Susan Parker (23rd)

Old Business:

·       Liz is working on the Garden butterfly repair.

New Business:

·       Ann announced that butterfly garden cleanup for both gardens will be April 1 and new planting will be April 15, both at 9:00.

·       Louis spoke on the Junior Garden Event which will be held on May 6 from 10-2. She asked for a list of items needed and passed around a volunteer sheet.

·       Karl Rugaard volunteered to be the new Secretary/Treasurer for 2023/2024.

Our speaker for April 10 will be from the John Ferguson, owner of Natures Way Resources. He will be speaking on compost.

 Tip of the Month: This is the time to do all the things! Trim the things, weed the things, plant the things, fertilize the things.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Upcoming Jr Gardening Event


Plans are underway for our Mother's Day Gift Junior Gardener Activity.  We invite local children to come, decorate a clay pot, plant a flowering plant and decorate a gift card for the fee of $5/pot. We serve popcorn and have a firetruck plus constable for the kids to see.



1) Member volunteers for 5/6, two shifts - 9 to 11 and 11 to 2. We will sign up at the March & April meetings.

2) Still looking for the leftover greeting cards from last year. OR replacement cards for this year.

3) Old button front shirts to become paint shirts for our participants.

4) Paper towels - 6 to 8 rolls

5) 3 hand soaps - 1/sink.

6) Plastic cups for brush rinse water

7) Dessert size plates for paint palettes

8) List of nearby daycare centers for posting publicity flyers and/or volunteers to post fliers.


Recap of Meeting Discussion:


Who attends: Children in area

Volunteers: CCL GC Members - 2 1/2 hour shifts AND HS Students from Key Club - shifts.

What: Children use supplies to decorate and plant a pot, plus a greeting card for the Mother's Day gift. $5/pot. Firetruck, EMT & Constables are invited to meet the kids. Popcorn will be served to participants.

When: May 6, 10 to 1. Setup 9 to 10 and cleanup 1 to 2. 

Where: CCL Community Center at 10702 Cypress Creek Bend.



To be purchased: 100 - 6" terracotta pots, acrylic paint, brushes, potting soil.


Other supplies

- Flowering plants & tree trimming above parking lot - Mike Owens

- Popcorn machine & supplies - Ellen & Mark Jones

- Hair dryers, 2 box fans & butterfly plant picks - Louise Rugaard

- Table covers & contact for youth volunteers - Norma Chiaramonte

- White rocks for holes in pots - Marsha Mausolf

- Chalkboard/photo background & sample pots - Liz Hearn

 - Publicity fliers - Tracy Walker

- Social media and dead tree publicity - Louise Rugaard

Monday, February 13, 2023

February General Meeting


Attendees: Norma Chiaramonte, Debbie Haluch, Liz Hearn, Ellen Jones, Mark Jones, Mike Owens, Susan Parker, Alma Reilly, Louise Rugaard, Ann Sansbury, Dale Smothers, Stevee Steely, Vickie Kreegor, Tracy Walker.

Three Visitors: Lara V, Dave and Cris Landon.

Speaker: Tricia Bradbury - Herbs

Refreshments: Refreshments were provided by Liz Hearn and the door prize was provided by Ann Sansbury and won by Ellen Jones.

Minutes: We dispensed with the reading of the January Minutes. Motion by Norma, Seconded by Mark.

Birthdays: There wasn't a member celebrating this month.

Old Business:

● Butterfly Repairs in the two gardens have been completed and Liz will repaint them.

New Business:

● Junior Garden Event discussed. May 6th. Louise Rugaard took point and discussed her options and

needs. What she has already, and the next items of her to do on list.

● Fire truck will be asked to attend the Junior Garden Event.

● Federation put out memo for Silent Auction - asking for donations.

● Check the Garden Club Federation newsletter for all the plant sales over the next two months.

Gardening Tips of the Month:

● It’s the last chance to get in cool weather plants and perennials. It’s almost time to start spring pruning as well as spring fertilizing and damage assessment for bugs. The last day for frost is Feb 27 but we could still get one as last as March 20.

Next meeting: Monday March 13th, James Holmes - Native Plants.